Correspondent's Desk

Correspondent's Desk

Rev.Fr.Vinu Kumar

Warm and prayerful greetings to you from St. Mary’s CBSE School, Mariagiri. We are going through an unprecedented corona virus pandemic. Each one of us, our life styles and the education of our children are adversely affected by this difficult situation. In this strange situation, I would like to express my solidarity with you and I assure you my prayers for your safety and health.

Even in the midst of predicament, I have happy news to share with you all. God has blessed our school with CBSE Affiliation in this year 2021. Our school is affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi (AFFILIATION NO: 1931251). This is a great achievement and another milestone in the education of our students, which was resulted due to the hard work, commitment and co-operation of many. I appreciate and congratulate them all. In this pandemic situation, our staffs are showing their care and concern for the school and students, working hard, preparing notes and engaging online classes for the benefits of our students. I would like to acknowledge their commitment and hard work for the school and our students.

Dear parents and students, keeping in mind your health and wellbeing, I request you not to risk going out unnecessarily. I ask you to stay at home, be safe and follow the online classes. Parents are advised to ensure that the students are following the online classes, doing the homework, following the directions given by the teachers. The school plan and take different measures to make this situation fruitful and best for our students. This is the moment we should be aware of our health and safety and take extra care in the education of our students. Let us move and work hand in hand to make use of the best out of this situation. Together we will win over the pandemic.