1. The aim of our school is to make our children responsible citizens of our nation by providing them an atmosphere in which they can grow in knowledge and wisdom and develop into integrated human beings flowering into goodness. Having this vision, we are following the curriculum given below.
  2. The medium of instruction is in English. Tamil is taught as the Second language up to Grade VI. Children learn Hindi from LKG onwards.
  3. The school has a dynamic Kindergarten section handled by trained teachers. Computer Education is introduced from Class 1 onwards. A panoramic campus with well-equipped science and computer labs, a spacious library, excellent facilities for major sports, games, music, karate, dance and value education are our specialties at all levels.
  4. NCERT books are followed in all sections. Special coaching is given for handwriting. In view of developing creative mind in children, special project books are distributed to each student for simple activities based on the syllabus. The contents are explained with the help of smart class, models, and other teaching aids.